On July 1, 2019, we are upgrading our database to a Customer Relations Management (CRM) platform. As a registered contractor, we want to share with you some changes and updates that will occur within our new system.

AA Contractor Web Portal "Lock-Down" Period

To successfully transition from our current system to the new CRM System, the AA Contractor Web Portal will be inaccessible and in "Lock-Down" mode. During this period all AA/PW reporting (uploads of AA Form 1, Form 2, Addendums, CPRs, etc.) should remain with you (the GC/Prime) until July 22nd, or you are notified by your Compliance Officer.

Changes and Updates

Replacing the Contractor ID:
Your current 3 or 4-digit Contractor ID will be replaced with your contact email address. Please make sure that the project's contact email reflects the person responsible for submitting compliance documentation on behalf of the GC/Prime contractor.

Changing the P# to Something New:
The Project Number (P#) will be replaced with an Affirmative Action/Prevailing Wage Record (AA/PWR). The format for this number is a prefix of "AA/PWR" and is followed by seven numbers (e.g. AAPWR-0000118). This assigned AA/PWR will be issued for each individual construction contract you are responsible for reporting Affirmative Action and Prevailing Wage.

You are the awarded GC/Prime contractor on three separate projects which consist of construction at 123 Smith Street Building in Newark, a roofing project at 745 Applewood Avenue Building in Camden, and demolition at 867 Liberty Street in Atlantic City. By this example, you will be assigned three individual AA/PWRs that will coincide with each project in this example.

Timeframe of when these changes will occur

  • AA Contractor Web Portal "Lock-Down" period:

    July 1 through mid-July (approximately July 22nd), or until notified by your Compliance Officer.

  • AA Contractor Web Portal Log-on credential updates:

    In mid-July a follow-up email will be sent to provide you with your new EMAIL log-on credentials and a temporary password.

We understand you may have questions during our transition to CRM. For that reason, we encourage you to call your Compliance Officer to assist you through the process and to answer any questions you may have.